Cyclist Breaks Cross-Ontario Cycling Record
Rader ON EW UMCA Copies - 18-pola

Rader ON EW UMCA Copies - 15-pola
TORONTO, Ontario - May 11 /CNW/ - Exhausted but smiling broadly, Toronto cyclist Ross Rader arrived at Windsor City Hall yesterday afternoon, setting a new cross-Ontario cycling record. Riding from Ottawa to Windsor in an unofficial time of 34 hours and 57 minutes, Rader battled through rainstorms and winds
Rader ON EW UMCA Copies - 07-pola
gusting to 50 kilometers an hour.

The record-breaking ride raised awareness and donations for childhood cancer charity Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation. "In the time it took me to ride my bike across our province," Rader says, "seven Canadian kids were told they have cancer, and seven families' lives were changed forever. They need our help." People stopped Rader's crew along the route to offer donations to the charity.

Rader ON EW UMCA Copies - 16-pola
Rader was met in Windsor by Ron Dossenbach, who set the previous cross-Ontario record. The new record is pending certification by the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association.


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